JTAG HelpDesk version 4.0

Inquiry form and FAQ knowledgebase extension component for Joomla

Inquiry Management
Mark inquiries read, unread and reply to them. Filter entries by title, user, e-mail address and date range. Sort entries by date, author, status, etc. in ascending or descending order
Category Management
Add new and edit old categories to be used by the knowledgebase and on the inquiry form (can be different)
Knowledgebase Management
Add new and edit old FAQ entries with rich-text content for the answers section and ability to sort by positive and negative rating based on user feedback.
Component Configuration
The com_jtaghelpdesk is the core of the whole application, it allows you the application to be used without the module, by linking whether the Form or the Knowledgebase as a menu item.
Module Configuration
The mod_jtaghelpdesk is a widget that allows you to place a button glued to the edge of the screen of your website, which, when clicked, invokes the contact form and the knowledgebase in a tabular view.